T3 is Coming? The New Phone of Smartisan Mysteriously Appeared in Radio Approval System.


Today, a new Smartisan phone with the model number of OC106 is spotted on the radio approval system, and we can see that the approval date is the 4th of this month, so this is the new phone that Smartisan is about to release.

Is it T3? A digital blogger has revealed that Smartisan will release a very strong mobile phone in this spring, which may be worthy of the legendary T3. And the Smartisan CEO, Luo Yonghao, has said publicly that T3 will be released this year. But the time is not clear.

To sum up, this new model of OC106 is likely to be the new flagship T3 of Smartisan. As is the flagship, the appearance process and hardware specifications should be high-end.

The launch event of new product of Smartisan will be held in spring.


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