Suspected Android 5.0 interface Exposure: Home button disappears


According to foreign media reports, Google I / O developer conference will be held June 25 and 26, during Google In addition to publishing consumer-level Google glasses, the long-rumored Android 5.0 may also be unveiled. In this regard, sources said, Google is testing a new Android launch the desktop, and released a video about the test interface.
Sources said that the big change in Google’s new Android users are likely to subvert the perception of native Android which, Home button will be replaced by Google search key, and multi-tasking key task will be taken up more. Video shot from the exposure display, multitasking button will become an important bridge to switch between applications and multi-task list, daily operations will be more users rely on it.

疑似Android 5.0界面曝光:Home键没了

After pressing the multitasking key, there will be a new multi-task interface, and now the vertical arrangement huge difference, using a style similar to iOS multitasking, different is its multitasking default preview window shows only the first one, more daemon is behind the current window, but did not disclose the specific terms of demo videos.
When the user holds down the slide to the left of the preview window when they entered the application icon grid interface, each screen have adopted the style 4 * 5. Once such a design, then it may mean the same and iOS applications and desktop shortcuts no longer distinguish between the application list, because both will be combined.

Notification bar, the upper edge of the screen when the user from the drop-down, you will see a new notification bar. In the style of the card using a Google Now-style, in the notification bar interface can be switched between a variety of different types of notification information.
According to earlier news, “Lemon Meringue Pie” will be the name of the next generation of the Android system. Google in September last year with a new generation of Nexus 5 also released Android 4.4 KitKat system,

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until now has been more than nine months time, and the version update cycle is usually the Android system in eight months or so, so Google released a new version of great possibility.


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