Surface Laptop Comes with a New Version of Windows 10 Pro!


The Surface Laptop is a Laptop that Microsoft released in May 2017. It is a notebook for education, and the biggest bright spot is the pre-installed Windows 10 S system. The difference between Windows 10 S and 10 professional edition is that all software running on Windows 10 S from the app store. When the users try to install the application from the outside, the system will pop up the corresponding prompts and give suggestions from the Windows application store to replace the application.

According to media reports, Microsoft has started selling the Surface Laptop, which preloaded Windows 10 Pro, at its official mall. The hardware configuration is consistent with the Windows 10 S version, and the difference is the price. The Windows 10 Pro Surface Laptop needs $100 more. The i5/8g /128GB version costs $1,199, while the Windows 10 S version sells for $1,099.

Of course, you can also buy Windows 10 S, which can also be upgraded to Windows 10 Pro free of charge.


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