SONY Xperia10 is again confirmed, this is the real level of SONY’s comprehensive screen!

What kind of mobile phone is the real comprehensive screen? It is possible that many people do not have a clear standard answer. But it is clear that the so-called 18:9 scale screen is clearly a ridiculous definition of a comprehensive screen, completely contrary to our cognition. However, today foreign media exposed a new machine to let us see hope again, SONY Xperia10 again confirmed, this is the real level of SONY comprehensive screen!


From the exposure SONY Xperia10 rendering, the color of the mobile phone is really high, which is called the peak of SONY. On the front side, the screen is very narrow, and there is only one forehead, which contains camera, receiver, distance sensor and so on. In fact, such design is more consistent with the aesthetic needs of the masses. At the same time, the use of glass in the back of the fuselage is equipped with vertical dual camera design, very tough lines with the SONY family design style.


In terms of hardware configuration, SONY has maintained a consistently high standard, equipped with Qualcomm Xiaolong 845 processor. At the same time, it will also use the resolution of 2K level AMOLED screen, configure 6GB+64GB’s storage portfolio. Add 16 million front + 23 million pixel double photo to support photo anti shake and fast capture of 4K video. SONY won’t lose to other friends when taking photos. It also supports the waterproofing of the IP68 level and the wireless charging technology. But most importantly, foreign media said SONY will try the fingerprint recognition technology combined with iris recognition for the first time, and the brand new technology level means SONY’s strength.


But in terms of price, SONY Xperia10 looks a little noble. It is expected to start at 5000 yuan, and I don’t know what you think the flagship mobile level exposed by foreign media is. Welcome to your opinion. Let’s discuss it together.


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