SONY Xperia XZ2 rendering exposure: doubt use all screen design

For a long time, SONY’s high school low-grade mobile phone almost no difference in appearance.But in full screen, under the tide of the company may be a little change.Recently, foreign media exposure of a suspected Xperia XZ2 rendering, even though the screen does not light, but can also be bold guess its adopted the design of the full screen.The screen left and right sides of the border should be able to receive is very narrow, but the forehead part is made a little space on camera, the receiver and sensors.As for how thick the chin part, remains to be further observation.


All screen from manufacturers such as samsung and LG mobile phone design, has left a deep impression in you mind, I do not know if SONY can rely on Xperia XZ2 to overtake.

Hardware specifications, this machine is equipped with a 5.5 -inch 4 k all screen,  Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC 845 + 64 gb, 4 gb of RAM ROM, and rear double perturbation.

Yet, unfortunately, I do not know the will of the consumer electronics show in January 2018 (CES), or the mobile world congress in February (MWC 2018) during the period.


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