Snapdragon 845 Runs the First Exploure


Except the good performance of CPU, another focus of Snapdragon 845 is the GPU. It is internally installed Adreno 630 GPU.The performance is improved by 30% than Adreno 540 of Snapdragon 835, and energy consumption by 30%, video processing efficiency increased by 2.5 times.

We can know the performance from the test of Geekbench RenderScript. RenderScript is a low-level but high-performance programming language for 3D rendering and processing intensive computations (3D playback and CPU intensive computing), so the performance of GPU is of great reference value.

The RenderScript score of Snapdragon 835 is 7899, while Snapdragon 845 13984.. The increase is up to 76.6%.

at a press conference in Hawaii this morning. The chip features a ground-up redesign of the company’s Kryo CPU (now the Kryo 385) and Adreno GPU, marking a major evolution of the platform.  Although we can not confirm the final performance of Snapdragon 845, it will have great change than Snapdragon 835. And it should not be difficult to achieve the final official 30% performance improvement.


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