Sharp OLED Displays will Measure Production this Season to Break Samsung’s Monopoly


Samsung still dominates the 90% market for small OLED displays. Digitimes reported that Dai Jinwu, the Sharp CEO, announced that Sharp  began to produce OLED display screen in current season and launched its own brand smartphone between the second and third quarter of this year .

The OLED of iPhone X supplied by Samsung only. And the main suppliers for FMM have been banned to take out by Samsung. Firstly, Sharp has to solve the problem how to contact the other manufacturers have the ability to produce FMM.

At the same time, it’s a good thing for Apple, because Apple is also interested in reducing component costs by diversifying its resources. Foxconn is the sole assembler of the iPhone X. Foxconn’s boss has invested billions of dollars to fund the transition to include other parts for the iphone in 2019 or this year’s models.


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