SAO red edition motorcycle Droid Turbo exposure ultra-thin fuselage


Using kay fulla material of MOTOROLA Droid Turbo we are more and more close, the leaked the information such as user guide and battery capacity of the machine, the operator Verizon’s official social network account @ DroidLanding and let out a suspected Droid Turbo official rendering, not only shows the machine for us red version of the stunning design, but also indicates the new handsets will debut.

The exposure of rendering

In fact, Verizon’s official account @ DroidLanding in prior to the release of the new Droid series model will be more active, after also once obscure hinted that the Droid Turbo the existence of the mobile phone.And now, with the approaching of the rumored release time, the account of a suspected was released MOTOROLA Droid Turbo on the back of the official rendering, seemed to herald the new upcoming.However, although the @ DroidLanding in soon after deleting the picture, but this kind of cracks, which increases the authenticity of this piece of rendering.

And judging by the exposure of the official rendering, MOTOROLA Droid Turbo is the most attractive places still adopted kay fulla material fuselage, the radian of the edge part of mobile phones have more significant, the fuselage also seems to be very thin.At the same time, besides below the camera eye-catching MOTOROLA tag, this machine also on the camera with an LED flash, around each “appear individual character is dye-in-the-wood.As to the occurrence of red version, means that the machine will have at least two kinds of colour such as red and black design choice.

5.2 inch 2 k display

And according to leaked user guide manual, MOTOROLA Droid Turbo will be equipped with a 5.2 inch 2 k resolution (1440 x 2560 pixels), touch screen, and used the narrow frame design, the upper fuselage as the front speakers, and below the touch screen is designed has returned, Home and run the program and so on three recent capacitive buttons.Carrying Android4.4.4 system, and adopted the new clock in the lock screen interface and wallpaper, also supports Moto Moto Actions and Display body feeling control function.As to the distribution of the main camera is 21 million pixels, equipped with double color temperature LED lights, front-facing camera is 2 million pixels.

MOTOROLA Droid Turbo also supports Turbo Charger fast charging function, is said to be able to in 15 minutes for the cell phone store enough use eight hours of electricity.And according to the latest exposure of the battery, the machine has such EQ40 model of battery capacity as high as 3900 mah, it takes three hours to get to a fully charged battery.

At the end of the official launch

MOTOROLA Droid phone models for XT1254 Turbo, also talk with 2.7 GHz qualcomm Xiao dragon 805 quad-core processors, provides 3 gb of RAM memory and 32 gb storage capacity.According to information released by the FCC, at the same time it also supports GSM/HSPA/CDMA2000 / LTE network, with NFC near field communication function and bluetooth 4.0 technique etc. Function.

According to the media said, citing people familiar with the information disclosure MOTOROLA will officially released at the end of October to the Verizon, specific release date will be on October 28 or 29.But compared with previous series three models on the spot, this is only a MOTOROLA Droid Turbo launch a new handsets.