Samsung S9 Hyperknit Back Cover Begins Shipping: Unique Visual Effect and Great Texture


At the end of this month, Samsung will release Galaxy S9 series on MWC in 2018. In addition to the new devices, smartphone makers will also unveil a range of new accessories, including various back covers. Samsung will release a new hyperknit back cover of GalaxyS9.

People at MobielKopen found some interesting pictures on the Internet, showing the design of Samsung S9 series. The photos come from a Romanian retailer’s website. The hyperknit back cover will begin shipping tomorrow, with a grey color of 29.90 euros. Also, it may be red.

If the exposure information is correct, the machine will also depend on the fingerprint recognizer. And fingerprint sensor is located just below the camera, rather than beside it.

The hyperknit back cover is not the only accessory of Galaxy S9 in the market. There is official black cover (34.90 euros, about 270 yuan) and black and blue silicone back covers (29.90 euros, or about 231 yuan). Both S9 and S9+ have the silicone back cover. The picture shows the difference in camera settings between the two phones again. The S9+ has dual cameras, while S9 has only one camera.

Samsung Galaxy S9 series will be unveiled and displayed at the world mobile conference in Spain on February 26, 2018. It is expected to begin shipping on March 16, 2018.

Samsung S9 Official Back Cover Exposure

Roland Quandt exposed all the original back cover photos of Samsung S9 and S9+ on Feb. 10. According to the photos, the Samsung S9 series will be equipped with at least five official protective accessories.

  1. Clear View Standing Cover

The windows vertical protector is the official back cover of Samsung S8 and Note8, which combines the design of transparent windows and vertical supports. It is important to note that the colors of the exposure are black, dark blue, mauve and wine red. Samsung S9 may have the latest red Burgundy in S8. The purplish red may be the lilac color that was previously exposed.

  1. LED View Cover

The selling point of the LED window protective cover is to convert information into LED style, including time and phone, information, alarm clock and battery icon, which is the first choice for retro fans.

  1. Protective Standing Cover.

The protective upright protective cover is pushed for users who need to protect the glass fuselage. It has passed the American military standard MIL -STD-810G, but it looks a bit thick.

  1. Silicone Cover and Hyperkint Cover.

Samsung also prepared two special protective shells of silicone cover and hyperknit cover. of which the former has a shallow blue, black, pink orange color and gray, while the latter has a red and black color.



South Korean Media Exposed Configuration of Samsung S9 Series According to TechRadar, Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus are expected to appear at the world mobile communications conference in late February. Today, ETNews reports some parameters of the phone.

In terms of screen size, S9 is 5.77 inches and S9 Plus is 6.22 inches. Samsung may make the front screen frame smaller than it used to be.

In the case of camera, the rear camera of S9 is single, and the variable aperture is from f/1.5 to f/2.4. The catcher of S9 Plus is the same as the S9, but it’s a double shot. It means that the low-light performance of the two phones is better than before. The front-facing cameras of S9 and S9Plus are 8 megapixels. However, S9 is equipped with an iris scanner and S9 Plus has a separate eye scan module.

Some of the internal components of S9 and S9Plus have shrunk, potentially leaving more room for the battery. The screen technology is likely to be slightly upgraded. In another month, the exact parameters of the two phones will be revealed.



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