Samsung plans to February next year pushed the integrated so miss the screen under the fingerprint?

According to the integrated series of rendering the rumourAccording to the integrated series of rendering the rumour

Sina mobile phones – December 18th morning news, from the foreign media, bloomberg news said samsung electronics will be launched in February, a new generation of its flagship smartphone integrated, in order to compete with apple’s iPhone X.

From, according to people familiar with the south Korean electronics makers plan as early as the end of February to launch new models of the Galaxy Galaxy and the integrated integrated Plus, and on March launch, this time than its previous generation products S8 series as early as a month (S8 and released at the end of March 17 years).In February, according to people familiar with the matter this time is not final version, is likely to change.Samsung declined to comment.

Before the appearance of the phone with the S8 similar, but the camera will be upgraded, and processor with a better performance.Actually double lens or Xiao dragon 845 chip basic what can be expected to upgrade.It is said that samsung will continue to use the fingerprint recognition, face recognition, and iris scans these three identification methods.Compared with apple’s Face ID, Android manufacturers of facial recognition technology to be lagging behind in principle.

Although Synaptics solution company claims under the screen each fingerprint technology can already be commercial.But if from 2 to 3 month issued this time node, the integrated couldn’t catch up with the technology mature.Currently in the industry generally forecast, screen to the fingerprint in the third quarter of next year will gradually appear in the mobile phone products.

For samsung, the phone will be an important event, samsung hope it can be suppressed apple iPhone X key steps.Although the latter has reached $999 starting price, but the outside evaluation is good, analysts expect the Christmas holiday shopping season will help apple in this quarter revenue of more than $80 billion.

According to IDC, before the iPhone X listed in the third quarter, samsung accounted for more than 22% of the global smartphone shipments, are still keep first, apple was second with 13% share.Data analysis company Strategy Analytics forecasts that in 2018, samsung’s global market share will drop to less than 20%.


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