Samsung phones are updated on Oreo screenshots

Samsung Mobile has been eating Android 8.0 (Oreo). After that, there have been many changes. One of them is from screenshots. Unlike previous screenshots, time is named after the screenshots. After this update, screenshots will be named by the application by default.

三星手机吃上奥利奥 截图命名方式更新

Now update the Android 8.0 Samsung mobile phone screenshots, the picture file is named application + time, if you are on the desktop home page screenshots, the name is Screenshot_Samsung Experience Home, then is the date information of your screenshots.

For most of the new equipment, users can use the “file management” App access to mobile phone built-in storage folder screenshot screenshot picture, for the old equipment, can be found in the picture folder, which is to find another way in addition to Samsung screenshots of the system default. In support of the update equipment, Samsung will push Android 8.0system updates for the S8 Series in February next year, followed by Note8.


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