Samsung J8+ Appears on Geekbench


Not long ago, Samsung Galaxy J8 (2018), a new mid-end model, appeared on the Geekbench. A few days later, Samsung Galaxy J8+, which has a larger screen size, appeared on the Geekbench, too.

As can be seen from the Geekbench database, the model of Samsung Galaxy J8+ is SM-J805G. The single-core run is 749 and the multi-core run is 3708. The score is higher than Samsung Galaxy J8 (2018).

In terms of configuration, Samsung Galaxy J8+ is equipped with 1.8ghz Snapdragon 625 mobile platform, 4GB of memory and Android 8.0 system. The Samsung J series is located in mid-end market and the price of Samsung Galaxy J8+ is not expected to exceed 2,000 yuan.



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