Samsung integrated real machine back to reveal: glass material, single photo + fingerprint

According to bloomberg, samsung will be released in February in the Galaxy and the integrated integrated Plus two phones, listed is the fastest in early march.The great god Onleaks has given more than S9 and integrated Plus after the rendering of the Dutch media Techtastic Shared the integrated back shell pictures.From background like mirror out along abundant express delivery sheet, this is a “shifted” fact.

Shell material after no accident should be glass, the camera and the fingerprint of hole discoidal, this is because the fingerprint are arranged below the camera, easy to touch the recognition.

Other information cannot be captured from the shell after, so can only collect the previous message.

S9 and integrated + screen size is still the continuation of ancestors of 5.8 and 6.2, positive forehead and chin black side slightly narrowed, screen of further ascension.Chips, in addition to start carrying Xiao dragon 845, Exynos 9810, iris recognition, face recognition and photographed CMOS upgrade in new, performance is worth waiting for.


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