Samsung in the end of the screen overall re – exposure of the domestic nightmare

China ‘ s mobile phone news Samsung in 2017 has released three full – screen phone , S8 , S8 + and Note 8 to each of the three handsets are excellent , but its price is still high , after all , is the flagship series . When , on the occasion of the Samsung needs to compete in a full screen of the mobile phone market with low price , in the end of the phone , with Chinese producers compete for market share .

三星中端全面屏再曝光 国产手机的噩梦2018 paragraph A8 specifications

Previously on Samsung mobile phone screen in total , broke the news to our subject , most of whom are 2018 regarding paragraph A8 , today foreign wunderkind / re – imagines the 2018 A8 under exposure of some size , we take a look at . The positive use of handset 18 : 9 of the full screen , twin front – mounted camera , has a bottom including Type – C seems to have retained the headset interface .

三星中端全面屏再曝光 国产手机的噩梦2018 paragraph A8 specifications

It is worth mentioning that the mobile phone in the frame and no voice – assistant startup key . dorsal fuselage using a single camera and fingerprint recognition , and exposure design of S9 , it is of great imporance to highlight support for NFC and MST dual transmission protocol .

It is reported that at and after the listing , the specific configuration is not clear , but country row version could carry the Qualcomm processor 660 , Netcom ‘ s full support . the price to be paid is expected in about 3000 yuan , directly labeled R11s OPPO , VIVO X20 .


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