Samsung Galaxy integrated board: battery life progress


Samsung Galaxy series integrated various aspects all look perfect, more delicate whole world debut as curved surface screen design, 845 / Exynos Xiao dragon 9810 processor, better fingerprint/face/iris identification, stronger double perturbation and take pictures, etc., but has left a big regret in the battery.S9 and the battery capacity is 3000 mah, respectively of the integrated + 3500 mah, and made the S8 / S8 + exactly the same, and in charge no change, continue to support qualcomm QC2.0, samsung AFC protocol, maximum power only 9 v / 1.67 A 15 w.

In addition, this generation of processors and the previous generation 835 / Exynos Xiao dragons as 8895 is 10 nm technology, made in samsung, and although the so-called second generation 10 nm but there is no fundamental change, even if can reduce the power consumption but considering the performance boost, basic also offset.

Not yet for the battery life testing of the integrated series, we look at the first official parameters:

The biggest change on the integrated contrast S8, life is music play more durable, opening and closing rate display up to 48 hours, 80 hours, respectively extend for 4 hours, 3 hours, the other talk time also extended to 22 hours.

Others are completely the same:videoPlay, Internet access, wi-fi, 16 hours 14 hours, 3 g Internet 11 hours, 4 g 12 hours on the Internet.

The integrated + contrast S8 + is similar, switch rate display respectively extend 4 hours, 6 hours and 54 hours, 94 hours, 1 hours of talk time prolonged, 25 hours.

Other is the same: 18 hours video playback, Internet access, wi-fi, 15 hours Internet 13 hours, 3 g, 4 g 15 hours on the Internet.

In a nutshell,The integrated series in the aspect of life, rechargeable basic may remain on the same level, and the S8 series, actual performance or a real machine such as evaluation.


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