Samsung eat apple into the MicroLED domain in a big way

In this year, the panel industry debate have been ongoing, in addition to OLED and QLED, Micro LED’s influence is also staggering.Not long ago, south Korean media reports, samsung will be in the forthcoming CES2018, display its first Micro LED TV, maximum size up to 150 inches, and then will be able to achieve mass production into the consumer market, this news also once again set off all attention to the Micro LED technology.

In particular, this time in the production of related products supply chain, some from Taiwan.According to observers, in the past year, Korean firms in constant contact Taiwan Micro LED supply chain, in the face of industry of Micro generally optimistic about the leds and south Korean manufacturers have already sit still!

About Micro LED technology, can be widely recognized, has its unique advantages, compared with the current momentum best OLED, Micro leds can make the LED unit is less than 10 microns, the thickness of the module is higher, lower power consumption, and brightness, resolution, response time and integrated display effect is superior to the performance of the OLED screen.

And, of course, for a long time, in the study of Micro LED technology in front of the most or the two giants SONY and apple, SONY has exhibited in 2012 to 55 inches of Micro LED TV, but also difficult to realize the mass production, and apple in wearable equipment was used in Micro LED technology, and also the news that apple will be in the futureiPhoneMobile phone use Micro LED screen, and OLED screen just the current transition.

At the same time, some of the domestic panel makers are also on the positive research Micro LED technology, related data show that at present our country Taiwan area have 16, five mainland enterprises or institutions are studying Micro LED technology.Apple, samsung and other international manufacturers have to strengthen itself through continuous acquisition of these patent technology.

Because of MicroLED technology at present, there are high technical threshold and some technical problems to be solved, many manufacturers began to study the Mini LED technology, to as transition of Micro LED technology, from the perspective of the news of the feedback before.As early as the second half of next year, the use of the Mini LED technology products will be able to realize the mass production.


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