Refuse to compromise, only for the extreme: UMI X3 engineering machine show


X3 uses MTK6952’s eight core processor, engineering machine using the 1.7G frequency, the official version will use a higher frequency of 2.0G. Project machine is equipped with a 2G RAM, 32G ROM, 5.5 inch 1080P screen, 13000000 pixel camera main +800 megapixel front facing camera, support NFC, OTG, belongs to the whole of the current high-end configuration.

The appearance of the X3 is quite hale and hearty, the length width ratio is high, significantly longer, a ratio of IP5, at the same time, from the appearance of the design point of view, there are also some MEIZU shadow. The four angle fillet processing, less founder, let a person feel mobile phone no longer inflexible, there is a spirit in which, the texture is.


Above the front is a front facing camera, earphone, light and distance sensors. Because the black crystal screen, so can only take the camera, the light and the distance sensor is not very clear, and Holzer also in the vicinity of the sensor switch.

The front below the key type touch key Android is classic, from left to right: the return key, the HOME key and the menu key, HOME key and Cross is the same as breathing type design.

At the back of the fuselage uses the piano paint materials, sleek, high-end atmospheric grade. In order for the camera, dual LED flash, small hole next to very small double grain noise.




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