redmi 5 / 5Plus experience : as late as of 18 : 9 all screen thousands killed

full – screen concept according to popularity index , could have said that Xiaomi MIX2 is up . But unfortunately the millet and didn ‘ t enjoy this benefit , because the market has been 18 : 9 screen comprehensive education was broken . In order to defend the hearts of true full – screen ‘ s bottom line , and Remi lost her long hair on the Almost full – screen products .

couldn ‘ t stand it no longer forbear , millet was in full screen in the first year of the reign of the last month issued a ” full – screen thousands of ” redxiaomi 5 / 5 Plus . red rice from thousands of pricing , these two products are not expensive configuration must start with the basics , 18 : 9 – round – the – screen thousands killed .

1 . Design

redxiaomi 5 / 5 Plus design very red rice is increased by the high standards of Meizu , if not in front of 18 : 9 full screen value of the good.Heart is Yan , I said this is a 15 , 16 years of jet aircraft have no faults . But in terms of quality control , rice that has been in pursuit of higher standards , too , and remedy the defects that the product itself .

Both are metal + plastic three – section fuselage , very different . It is also in the frame 5 is formed in a vertical manner with the plastic . In fact the phones , the volume of the gap is not large , but due to the weight difference of the capacity of the battery .

front 18 : 9 full screen angle to the radius of curvature of the fuselage R of the fillet , in my view , contrasting ancient entity touch button 3 , the full screen of red rice Yan value is much higher .

screen black border control was OK , but the distance is larger than the width of the bezel . If the charge teacher of the real screen in accordance with the ratio algorithm , possibly by thousands of dollars comprehensive screen will eat from the same deficiency MIX2 .

secures to back of the fuselage in the axisymmetric design . Therefore , the fingerprint is also red in a coherent way . in block reserved at the top of 3 . 5mm earphone hole , and in order to serve as a universal infrared remote controller , the bottom of the low – cost data interface microUSB for charging .

red rice 5 / 5 Plus Yan is very appropriate for the overall value of the yuan from a machine with a complete screen in my hand too will not fall out . Although the screen size difference was 0 . 3 inches , but the size of the basic body .

2 . Performance

For the first thousand machine we do not have too much on the performance of the fantasy , Mil Mi – 6 still mounted 835 is now the most powerful one , but you need more flowers Something , you are still our bowl eat much dinner .

Red 5 has a snapdragon processor 450 , red rice 5 Plus mounted snapdragon processor 625 , you can put the former ( 1 . 8GHz ) as the latter ( 2 GHz ) version of the down – conversion .

Based on Selected Run – memory red rice 5 Plus also has the highest 4GB , Plus models in a comprehensive way , more of a consideration . in addition to the strong performance , the screen resolution is also a mainstream 2140 * 1080 , and a greater battery life accordingly longer .

I reviewed , including selection of red rice is also 5 Plus ( 4 + 64 ) version , of course , this price will be relatively more expensive , but also let you use the machine for longer life , and in this flagship provide easier experience .

Finally , we ran a sub – routine , red rice with an achievement of 62887 Plus 5 , red 5 grades as 55688 , believe the yuan from a comprehensive panel of performance you ‘ re probably a bit number X .

3 . The system

red rice 5 / 5 Plus running MIUI 9 stable version ( Android – based 7 . 1 . 2 ) , this new system . For example a negative assistant screen , the teleporter , with split – screen display function and the like .

If you use the MIUI , 000 meters in the red on the screen , you will experience the MIX2 of 1 : 1 split . This is the basis of the Hongmi one advantage , the MIUI models for all human beings are equal .

Of course this word says a bit of the absolute , some very old has been unable to update . But I ‘ m trying to say is that , for the red rice for low end machine , MIUI actually alleviate part of the hardware of the congenitally deficient .

I don ‘ t quite true to say nothing of us before , also did the MIUI 9 detailed evaluation . Rice flour was positive and we all know , has never been possible to reverse the previous challenge .

4 , poses for photos

The camera parameters of red rice and 5 / 5 Plus ” is the same as the single lens 12 million pixels , with pixel sizes less than 25um , PDAF focusing support phase .

This lens is also the biggest surprise of the single pixel size , and larger units can bring more of the amount of light , so as to ensure that the majority of light conditions on the basis of the imaging quality .

but you need to give thousands of people like to play for the camera , or the door and to the left to see price of 200 yuan a charming blue double camera is not far off . But we still see red rice in the proofs :

Front 500 million pixels supporting intelligent beauty , and is provided with a blind dog to see a flash of the lamp . Now a lot of playing live for supplementing light there is rigid demand .

5 . Other

Built – in 3300mAh battery 5 red rice , red rice 5 Plus ‘ s battery capacity is up to 4000mAh , claiming that the remaining 20 % could also be ruthless for 4 hours .

I particularly want to know how cruel , a 20 per cent after opening 4G king glory Maniac mode , with the result that lasted just 50 minutes to about three games is automatic shutdown .

Both QC 2 . 0 . , bulk , and for up to a voltage of 9V . According to the actual z – testing , 20 percent of electricity from the start of the charging curve is as follows . Most of the time in a stable 5V / 2A approximately 10W , charge to 90 percent after the current starts to decrease over the period .

It is to be noted that the red 5 ‘ s screen resolution is 1440 * 720 , and the screen displays the quality seems less red rice 5 Plus . So if you compare the eyes pick , or bow a small look larger . other aspects , two thousand full – screen support double full Netcom card and TF card extension , black , pink , golden , blue can be selected .


red rice yuan from a full screen , the four – story , is to be as true as the MIX of the overall screen credit , and let them see 18 : 9 full screen can be much cheaper . But she can ‘ t seem big trend , the market for a full – screen concept already had gone awry .

Actually today with the development of the smartphone market , Xiaomi has been struggling to continue to play the role of the catfish effect . from the red rice 5 / 5 Plus will turn out to be a product of the amount of the way , but carrying the future of millet or MIX block that is in line with most other do not come out of true full – screen .


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