Razer Phone Becomes a Laptop in a Second


Razer has released a concept product called Project Linda. Project Linda is not a laptop, just has a screen, keyboard, battery, and hard drive, without motherboard, processor and storage. So Project Linda can’t be used alone.

There is a groove in the trackpad of the Project Linda, which can lay down Razer Phone. When Razer Phone is put into the groove, Razer Phone and Project Linda become a laptop, running Android system.

The Razer Phone can display different content in different applications, such as playing games, the screen can display the graphics, and Razer Phone can display information such as equipment.

About Specifications, Project Linda has 13.3 inches screen and Razer Chroma iridescence keyboard. Inside the fuselage, there are 200 GB of extra hard disk and batteries, which can guarantee the Razer Phone not consume its own power when using it.

Project Linda is very unique. Nowadays, the mobile phone performance continues to rise and the computer has been abandoned by some users, perhaps the mobile phone as the data processing center suit with the current public life habit. This maybe Razer’s thought for mobile phones and computers. Of course, this product is still a concept product, whether or not to go public is unclear.


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