Qualcomm ‘ s technology summit held ahead of the announcement of the commercial 5G 2019

U.S . time on Dec . 6 , the high pass in Hawaii for 2017 Qualcomm Snapdragon technology summit . In the pass summit , it was announced that the 2019 Qualcomm has been in the field of 5G technology have the advantage , with the operators , equipment manufacturers are closely related to technical cooperation , has been implemented in a 3GPP standard end – to – end over – the – air provisioning of the new system , the regulator 5G , 5G mobile terminal model machine after it is published , it was announced that 5G is expected in 2019 the earliest large – scale commercial service .

Qualcomm executive vice president and president of QCT , Diamantino represented Christian Amun , 5G can bring $ 12 trillion of related products and services , is expected to pass , the 2017 – 2021 smartphone shipments will reach 8 . 6 million , which will become the biggest platform . As mobile technology and the main provider of chips for smartphones , Qualcomm also will make a profit .

Amon said that over the past 30 years , attempts are made to pass from person to person is connected to the control of the mobile experience re – defining the connection of the experience . The next 30 years will pass attempt everything connected , this also is our use of mobile technology .

Since the 5G owned by high – speed , low latency , low power consumption feature , 5G will further change the way people live . Amon pointed out , we ‘ re in the middle of the period of transition to 5G 4G , mobile technology is Zhang Tuo boundary . from the handset to the IoT , the network ( networking ) , mobile compute ( mobile computing ) , ( automatic driving ) .

It said the giga – scale LTE network will become the 5G network basis , there are already 25 countries to 43 of the operator is the layout of this network , covering more than 1.3 billion population .


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