Qualcomm is still the Dominant Company in the SoC Market


In recent days, some media have reported the market share of mobile phone SoC in Q3 quarter of 2017. According to Counterpoint Research, Qualcomm is the No. 1, with a 42% market share. The following is Apple, which has a 20% market share. Mediatek is third with 14 % market share. Samsung ranks the fourth, with 11 % market share and Huawei the fifth with 8 % market share.

We can see that Qualcomm still occupies a large number of markets. Apple, Mediatek, Samsung, Huawei began to pursue. Especially, Samsung and Huawei’s share of the market growth increasing than the same period in last year. Counterpoint Research study director Neil Shah said that the industry focus has transferred from the number of kernel per chip to new experience of using dedicated processors. Apple and Huawei are introduced with SoC neural processing unit, which will gradually become the mainstream in the future.

With the constant update of AI technology, mobile phones will become more and more intelligent. We have reason to believe that companies like Apple and Huawei, which are laying out AI chips, will gain more market share in the future.


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