Qualcomm countered: want to ban the iPhone 8, such as X apple product

There is no doubt that apple with qualcomm patent lawsuits continues, both sides does not intend to want to give up.

In order to fight back, qualcomm announced now,Apple violated their five patents, including rf transceiver, mobile CPU power efficiency, power management, as well as the image enhancement based on the depth of field data and so on.

In high to southern California district court for the delivery of the complaint, they mentioned the apple products, including the iPhone, the iPhone and iPhone 8 X 7.In the patent infringement, qualcomm think A10 processor used in the United States patent, patent no. 8063674 is the core and the control method of reducing energy consumption in the network.

In addition, the qualcomm also think apple USES them for dual cameras iPhone camera technology, such as how to optimize images based on the depth of field information in the photo.

Although apple has not stand, but the qualcomm is actively urge the court to ban these products, if the law through, then blow was big enough for apple.


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