Pushing Google android 8.0 system: all APP must support the next year

According to Google Android Central in the Android developers blog articles, introduced several new rules, most likely has a new effect on the Android ecosystem.Specifically, including the following – 1, since August 2018, all submitted to Play store APP must be geared to the needs of the Android Oreo 8.0/8.1 (Android, etc.) development;

2, starting from November 2018, all Play store APP stock of the new must be compatible and conforms to the development of the Android Oreo specifications;
3, from the beginning of 2018, the apk will add some additional metadata (metadata), used for compliance verification;

4, starting in August 2019, 64 – bit support must be provided all the android APP.

Our detailed analysis, first of all, the first point, the Play store still allows for old android APP submission, beginning in August next year can not be;The second point means that Google provides a 3 months old APP, unless you never update, otherwise as long as the update, you must use the android 8.0 API.

And the third point, in the era of android 6.0 (API 23), allowing for the old version of the APP can be directly obtained without user license camera/location permissions, this from the beginning of next year.A move that Google is hard, because in view of the application is not only a Play store, it is more of a tripartite mass application on the app store.

As for 64, is the trend of the industry.

AC believes that the second point, third point not only for APP developers/binding to the issuer, to sell mobile phone manufacturers also have an impact.Even if your system does not update 8.0, must also ensure that all the procedures (system level) to meet Google’s new regulations, unless you don’t have the android OS.


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