Pocket IMAX theater Lenovo released six inches large screen phone A889


Now smart phones , no longer a simple communication tools, intelligent terminals carrying more users for the life, entertainment , and many other needs. Therefore , with a large screen, high-performance features such as mobile phone users increasingly favor . Recently, Lenovo has released a six -inch large -screen phone A889, Lenovo Mobile relentless pursuit of quality and technology for the presentation of the head, once again made ​​the first move in the battle for the big screen phones .

掌上IMAX影院 联想发布6英寸大屏手机A889

Lenovo’s new smart phone A889
6 inches large screen theater version brings enjoyment
Today the industry relative to the more common 5.5 inches mainstream configuration , the Lenovo smartphone A889 directly to users equipped with a stunning 6-inch large screen , ultra- fine screen performance , as the IMAX theater shocking. Screen using IPS technology , the screen colors more vivid , more realistic picture . Lenovo smartphone A889 16:9 screen size , full use of screen space when playing HD video without black bars top and bottom , so the actual viewing a larger area . With IPS wide viewing angle technology , greater viewing angles of this phone , whether mobile phones from all angles can enjoy the beautiful picture . It is worth mentioning that the overall thickness of the A889 control in 9mm, slim body is not only more beautiful and easier to grip .

掌上IMAX影院 联想发布6英寸大屏手机A889掌上IMAX影院 联想发布6英寸大屏手机A889
Lenovo’s new smart phone A889
4 -core processor 8MP camera
If we say six inches large screen gives amazing Lenovo A889 external , then this phone a solid inner strength more perfectly reflected in its reasonable configuration . Lenovo A889 uses 1.3GHz quad-core CPU, compared with the traditional single- , dual -core processor with speeds several times faster , whether it is high-definition video playback , running complex programs can be faster and more smoothly. In addition , the phone is equipped with a high-quality 8-megapixel back-illuminated camera, enough to exceed the general digital camera shooting , no matter what the weather , what kind of scene , the strongest can capture life with you. The phone is equipped with a 30-megapixel front camera , anytime, anywhere to shoot non-stop, fast image processing, easily the most beautiful presents himself .
Dual card dual standby high-speed network
A high-performance phone to play its full function , high-speed network is inseparable from the support . Lenovo A889 smartphone to support China Unicom 21M bps network , is the traditional 2G Internet speeds hundreds of times . With high-speed network , A889 watch HD videos, handle e-mail , online navigation are alone. Meanwhile , the phone also supports dual card dual standby function can be assigned numbers according to the actual situation , a reasonable allocation of life and work.
As the star product of Lenovo , Lenovo smartphones A889 granted adhering to the “full price segment boutique strategy ,” the pursuit of excellence , so Lenovo mobile phone giant screen in Times continues to lead !


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