OPPO’s Most Powerful Flagship Appears: 3D Face Recognition


Although OPPO is selling well now, the profit margins are far from that of Samsung and Huawei. The best way to raise revenue is to produce high-end phones. So Find series products will appear again. The Find series has a certain number of old users who recognize its brand and flagship configuration, so it can quickly get the support of old users. Now, it’s possible that the prototype photo of OPPO Find9 has been exposed.
Through the photos we can see the phone and R series have totally different modelling. The four corners are hard and straight and the cover is very narrow. It is full screen with size of 18:9, but the width is bigger and the screen may be over 6 inches.
There are many holes in the top of the forehead, and it looks like 3D face recognition of iPhone X, which is awesome. OPPO Find will be the first 3D face recognition model in China.
The new phone is sure without post fingerprint identification, but with a dual rear camera and the location is in the upper left corner. The specific configuration and release time is not yet determined.


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