OPPO R15 is path to achieve abnormity full screen


OPPO officially opened for new first preheating, announced the OPPO R15 and R15 dreams version is coming.In the official TVC, OPPO R15 but a flash moment, pay more attention to consistent.

OPPO R15 is path to achieve abnormity full screen


Today, OPPO officially released OPPO15 rendering video appearance, OPPO R15 new design take in everything in a glance.From the front view, OPPO 15 abnormity screen design, compared to traditionalMobile phoneDesign has a strong visual impact.

OPPO R15 is path to achieve abnormity full screen

For OPPO R15 special-shaped screen design, officially called the super vision full screen.And is have this name, because, first, special-shaped screen still belongs to the category of full screen, but the point is that it is currently the most advanced full screen scheme design, are far more than ordinary full screen design vision, but also realize the ideal screen accounted for 100% of the inevitable stage.

Has long been OPPO adhere to the user experience as the center, always committed to through the scientific and technological innovation, the first time to promote the user experience of ascension.However, it is not easy to complete profiled screen design, which requires the special cutting on the panel and the top element to layout.

OPPO R15 is path to achieve abnormity full screen

It is understood that OPPO there are multiple internal core r&d LABS, universal coverage appearance, image, flash, etc.In 2017, according to the state intellectual property office of the OPPO is applied for related patents, and won the authorization in September, apple earlier than three months, OPPO R15 super vision full screen design is adopted by the patent scheme as shown in figure.Today, OPPOR15 forthcoming, this means that the OPPO is likely will be the earliest implementation abnormity screen commercial vendors.

Thanks to abnormity screen design, OPPO R15 than increasing of screen.Data show that OPPO R15 the 6.28 -inch Super – V Display Super vision full screen, screen ratio, furthermore, screen has accounted for 90% of the amazing.On the same page, compared with the traditional 16:9 screen mobile phone, OPPO R15 can often show more content.At the same time, the design of the OPPO ultra narrow bezel on the R15 also continues, with super vision full screen led to a more striking visual experience.

And, as a leading intelligent mobile terminal manufacturers, OPPO know excellent hardware must be through the system optimization of heart can bring consumers the best experience.In 2017, OPPO for full screen for R11s developed a unique gesture.There is reason to believe that R15 in interaction will be more optimized, special-shaped screen mobile phone really become better.

OPPO R15 is path to achieve abnormity full screen

In addition to special-shaped screen, always adhere to the camera phone positioning OPPO will obviously a major upgrade in pictures.Combined with OPPO official “AI intelligent pictures, let beauty and more natural” slogan, AI is expected to be significant upgrade points OPPO photos.In 2017,OPPO R11sTake the lead in front take photos AI algorithm is introduced in the leading position in the field, leading the concept of “natural beauty”.Nowadays, OPPO R15 AI the feature point, continue to strengthen, more worthy of our expectation.

The high level of appearance has always beenOPPO phoneA distinctive label, but look better with is the key to more and more users choose the OPPO.Ahead in the industry in 2018, OPPO, become domestic abnormity screen trend leader, but also adhere to the user experience the beginner’s mind.At present, the OPPO R15 website reservation activity has been launched, booking volume reached 930000, more in the last refresh.There is reason to believe that appearance level and strength both OPPO R15 obviously will therefore become more and more young people to become.


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