OPPO Layout Full Screen Multiple Tasks


Last week, OPPO officially announced the launch of its first flagship phone, OPPO R15, in 2018. The official video, the poster, and the online pictures show that OPPO R15 will be designed with a special-shaped screen, which is officially described as super view full screen. According to the data, OPPO R15’s screen ratio is up to 90%. At the same time, the top concave area integrates the camera, receiver and commonly used sensors to ensure users’ basic needs for selfies and calls.

Although OPPO R15 has not yet been released, OPPO’s optimization of the profile has been launched. According to the latest online exposure information, OPPO R15 has been specially optimized for landscape display, and the concave area will display three common apps and three common operations on the horizontal screen. This is quite useful when you’re watching video or playing games, and you can perform common operations without dropping out of the application. While the horizontal screen uses two applications at the same time. One application is suspended in another application interface and can be used to adjust the position of the suspended application.

Recently, OPPO open platform also officially released the latest version of the R15 super view full screen. R15 super vision full screen application adapter will contain the contents of three aspects. One is the full screen.

The second is the adaptive immersive status bar, which avoids the application of the specific content in the status bar. The third is if the application can be displayed horizontally, the important content on both sides should be avoided.

Now we can say for sure, OPPO R15 super vision full screen has carried on the optimized for today’s headlines, sina weibo, trill, and many other popular application to fit the new 19:9 screen ratio perfectly. Furthermore, it can ensure the full screen display and the status bar immerse.

As early as early 2017, OPPO filed for a patent for a special-shaped screen and was authorized to do so. OPPO design scheme is a complete set of multi – scheme combination design.

So far, OPPO has gained the leading edge for OPPO R15 with the technology reserve built in the forward-looking layout in the field of special-shaped screens. The focus on user experience gives OPPO R15 more competitiveness. In 2018, OPPO R15 is clearly another masterpiece.


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