OPPO is the No. 1 in Asian Market Share, the Success is no Accident


According to the latest data released by Counterpoint, OPPO has become the No.1 smartphone brand in Asia, accounting for as much as 15% of the 

However, the success is not accidental. OPPO has payed many efforts to get the honor. First of all, OPPO has been adhering to the concept of products as the king and competitive products for many years. The company adheres to the boutique strategy, on one hand promoting the product upgrade, on the other hand, making the whole supply chain production link, the storage link and the sales link become more simple.

Secondly, OPPO has the spirit of continuous innovation. In 2017, when the overall environment of the smartphone industry is weak, OPPO has not reduced communication with young users. Instead, OPPO has increased input and sustained innovation, which has won the trust of users.

Now, OPPO has 30 global markets, 6 overseas research and development bases.


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