OnePlus will Release a Mysterious New Product Tomorrow


According to OnePlus recent postings on twitter, a mysterious new product will be released tomorrow.

The first tweet is an eleven-second video with the title Bring the passion! What things should we try on red next? It is not difficult to think of lava red version of a 5T. Also, a lot of people are guessing OnePlus may release global version of lava red 5T or another red 5T.

The second tweet, released in the early hours of the morning, is a direct preview of the release date. Discover the radiance in 24 hour. That is to say, tomorrow you will see a new mystery. The picture is still red, but the red is not the same as the lava red.

The latest consumption hot spot is C on February 14, and the forecast shows that OnePlus will launch a limited red cell phone of Valentine’s Day, or directly Valentine’s Day version of lava red.

Anyway, tomorrow we can see what this mysterious is.


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