OnePlus New Machine Exposure, Secondary Flagship?


OnePlus launched OnePlus X in 2015. It was called the new flagship and used Snapdragon 801 processor. Three years later, OnePlus X2 has been exposed, positioning the second flagship.

Ubergizmo reports that X2 is likely to use Snapdragon 835 processor, with a 4G+64 G memory mix. It might be released with OnePlus 6. It is not clear whether it’s a full screen or not.

Liu Zuohu refuted the rumor and said they only do the flagship. Basically they don’t consider other series, and that is also OnePlus has been persistent.

Of course, Liu Zuohu also said we do not make post-fingerprint model, but later they did. So this time we just believe only do the flagship for a moment.


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