OnePlus 7 Real Machine Appearance: Bang Screen and High Screen Ratio


Although OnePlus is a niche brand, features and specifications of each generation of flagship are high. OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T occupy the top spot in the android running ranking. There are two new spy photos on weibo now that are said to be a new flagship. It is not named OnePlus 6, but OnePlus 7. From the spy photos, OnePlus 7 uses a glass fuselage design and bang screen that is much narrower than iPhone X. The left and right borders and jaws are also very narrow, so the screen ratio is extremely high.

The back is centered vertically with dual cameras. A flash, a long circular fingerprint identification module and a LOGO are below the cameras.

There is also a system information page in the spy picture. The mobile phone number is P7819, with OxygenOS 5.1.0 system version, android  8.1 version, 6GB memory and 64GB storage.

According to the style of OnePlus, the processor must be Snapdragon 845.

From the photos, the completion of this machine is already quite high, or even very close to the final version.


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