OnePlus 6 is confirmed to release in June!


Liu Zuohu, the CEO of OenPlus and Pei Yu, the co-founder accepted the media interview during CES 2018, they confirmed OnePlus 6 would carry Snapdragon 845 processor. It is the second Chinese phone that is confirmed to carry with the chip.

Liu also revealed that the next model would be released in June, 2018. Although Liu did not specify the name of the next model, it was estimated to be OnePlus 6.

Liu also confirmed that in addition to carry with Snapdragon 845, there are no other options on the processor. It’s also revealed that OnePlus wanted to unite US operators to sell their phones, but it would be difficult.

In terms of configuration, OnePlus 6 will have a OLED full screen with a 2K resolution. It is also with the screen fingerprint and face recognition function.


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