Oneplus 6 colors can surpass the existence of iPhoneX

A domestic mobile phone is hot to raise its own brand, which is oneplus 6 mobile phones that have already been exposed.

一加6颜值上可以超越 iPhoneX的存在

The configuration is as follows.

The processor uses the snapdragon 845;

The storage uses four kinds of storage combinations: 6+64/128 and 8+128GB/256GB.

The screen uses 6.25 inch 4K high definition full screen;

A 19 million pixel horizontal double camera is used in the rear.

The 16 million pixel super wide angle camera is used in front of the camera.

It is equipped with iris recognition sensor.

一加6颜值上可以超越 iPhoneX的存在

The four frames with oneplus 6 are very narrow and look very comfortable.

Hope that oneplus 6 is really “Never Settle”!

一加6颜值上可以超越 iPhoneX的存在


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