oneplus 5T vs oneplus5 comparing photos : no long lens effect continued to be an ” excellent

In a leaked 5T plus , just like a flood of the floodgates , everyone in the unofficial finish unpacking after detailed specifications also subsequently leaked online , showing a 5T plus will soon come back . But a 5T plus the leakage has so far failed to stop .

Foreign media website again on 16 November , the official release appears to have 5T , and a very fast and do a comparison between the camera 5 .

said one plus has relinquished the post of the telephoto camera , appear with two of the same focal length camera lens , i.e . , 5T owns a 16 million pixels of 1 / f . 7 + 2000 million pixel camera of f / 1 . the camera 7 , in which 20 million pixel camera used in a dim environment , another 16 million pixel camera used for photographing , 2000 – million – pixel camera will also perform a portrait mode , which is captured , and R11s Oppo ‘ s design is similar to that of the comparison , Here ‘ s one plus one plus 5T and 5 different lighting conditions and under a scene of a photograph , a 5T plus the proofs on the left , plus a 5 in the proofs on the right .

This scene is in the studio shooting , shooting 5T ISO 125 , while the 5 – ISO 200 .

Likewise is the studio , this is a very dim light , the light sensitivity of the 5T ISO3200 is doubled , while 5 have to be raised to the level of ISO5000 .

Studio , 4 lux illumination because the default is very low , a principal of 5T plus 16 million as the default automatic selection , but the illumination setting is reduced to 3 lux , 5T will activate the secondary lens .

5T plus a portrait mode of didn ‘ t seem to be doing a lot of optimization , although the size of the image are changed , so that the camera is still in the complex background of the separation of complex themes , and now it ‘ s the portrait of the general problem .

5T plus a lack of a dedicated optical lens , the lens of digitized do look very nice .

5T ( top left ) vs . 5 ( top – R ) Huawei Mate Pro ) 10 ( left – hand corner of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 ( lower right )

5T of the digital zoom ratio 5 Telephoto camera , Huawei Mate 10 Pro digital zoom , and the Galaxy Note 8 of 2 times the telephoto – zoom .


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