With the development of science and technology in the second half of the year is the era of full screen mobile phone explosion, domestic machines have been divided into their own full screen mobile phone. At this point, it was impossible to miss the good time, and the release of the upgrades (OnePlus5T) was 5.

一加5T简单评测This oneplus 5T upgrade is still large, a 6.01 inch (2160 x 1080 pixel) 18:9 Samsung AMOLED screen. In addition, face recognition is also added. Of course, because the technology of under screen fingerprint is not mature enough, this one also abandoned the original principle and adopted post fingerprint recognition.

一加5T简单评测oneplus 5T post HD Photo Double (20 million +1600 million pixels, rear dual camera) is used (long wide scheme) front 16 million pixels, the flagship of the 8 we cannot do without the double combination (Xiaolong 835 + 8G large memory) there is also a 6G version, of course, we cannot do without Dash flash charge.


10nm’s high pass crest 835 processor (2.45GHz), and the LPDDRX4 (6G/8G) oversize.


Dual channel UFS2.1 flash memory, screen fingerprint payment and system security protection

一加5T简单评测Oneplus 5T face recognition technology and one plus 4th anniversary commemorative version of unique color matching (Rong Yanhong)

一加5T简单评测Another oneplus 5T, which supports the six mode 35 frequency network, and the 4G+ network that supports the global mainstream, is not afraid of mobile phone support. And the 2 x 2MIMO dual channel WiFi network speed is faster and wider.

一加5T简单评测The oneplus 5T is the brainchild of mobile phone products. Even some foreign sales, also hard to find a local phenomenon. There are two editions of the oneplus 5T  (6+64), which sells for 2999 yuan, (8+128), the price is 3499 yuan, and the matching colors are star black and lava red. At that time, lava red only (8+128) version.



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