One plus technology: one plus 5 t is the fastest selling phone so far

On November 30, the news launched the latest flagship phone shortly after a 5 t, one plus it was officially announced that the machine is its so far “the fastest selling mobile phone”.Earlier this year, also the one plus one plus 5, the evaluation is the same, this means that the 5 t is more successful than its predecessors.

One plus 5 t

, according to one plus one plus 5 t took only 6 hours broke his mobile phone sales records, the company did not share the specific number, so don’t know how much one plus 5 t in those 6 hours.Now one plus 5 t seem to encounter the problems of shortage of supply, in the United States if you want to buy 6 gb of RAM + 64 gb ROM version, the delivery time is 2 weeks, the high-end version of also need 10 days or so.


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