New patent hint: samsung flip phone can like books or 360 ° opening and closing

Samsung mobile DJ, director Koh said, we see the fastest is expected in 2018 the company launched a folding smart phones.In the recent period of time, we also see a lot of patent sketches, even someone found in samsung official website there is an unknown Galaxy model.According to the world intellectual property organization (WIPO) released a new document, we can the folding of samsung mobile phones have a first impression.From the design point of view, it with zte released Axon M double screen folding machine (6.75 inches) combined with a lot of similarities, and support four watch models.


Of course, the nintendo 3 ds users should also won’t feel strange.

The device near the side of the fuselage at the top and bottom, respectively equipped with a hinge.

“Flat-fell seam between two pieces of screen”, seems to be some smaller than zte Axon M.

The machine is equipped with edges in the samsung full screen, display effect after joining together can be more assured.

Zte Axon M, by contrast, black box is much out there.

It is worth mentioning that the hinge of the machine can turn 360 ° full, opening and closing and Axom M only 180 °.

In the case of not to let the fuselage is too big, folding is to let people have a bigger screen of mobile devices a flexible way.

Samsung is still in the patent describes the machine or how to optimize the game experience, and it can apparently like Galaxy Note, easily add support for S Pen stylus.

Unfortunately, speculation and exposure to the outside world, samsung did not comment.


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