New Function of Android 9.0:Screen will Rotate with the Navigation Bar


Earlier today Google pushed the first developer preview of Android P (also known as Android 9.0) to developers. It further improved the notice board based on the original 8.0 and optimized the bangs screen. In addition, there are some small features added to Android 9.0, one of which is to integrate the screen lock button in the bottom navigation bar. This time in Android 9.0, the screen rotation switch is placed in the navigation bar, making it easier to rotate the switch automatically.

You don’t have to worry about the screen rotation switch takes up extra navigation position. The switch will only appear when the device is currently unlocking the screen. For example, when the device is upright, only the button will appear when the device is crossed, and the horizontal screen will be displayed after pressing.

Google has confirmed that this year’s I/O conference will be held from May 8 to May 10 at the Mountain View Amphitheatre, where the Android P operating system will be officially released. Google always likes to use the name of the dessert as the system code, so the P is the meaning of pineapple.


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