New Features of Android8.1 : Display the Speed of Public Wi-Fi


Although Android 8.1 has been pushed out for several weeks, Google is still adding new features to it, and the system has now been able to display the speed tag for public Wi-Fi.

The feature starts from today. You will see how fast each nearby public Wi-Fi is, as shown in the screenshot, a very fast (20 + Mbps), fast (5-20 Mbps), normal (1-5 Mbps) and slow (0-1 Mbps). These tags can help you quickly decide which network is worth connecting and save time.

Unfortunately, this does not apply to password-protected networks. If you don’t like the tag, you can go to the Settings > network and Internet > wi-fi > wi-fi preferences > advanced > network ratings providers, and then select “no” rather than Google.


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