New color cool listed 360 mobile phone N6 flint black edition double denier tribute since 1399

On December 26, at 10:00, highly anticipated 360 mobile phone N6 flint black version of the official launch, the starting address for jingdong and 360 mall, consistent with the bright gold version of the previous price, 4 + 64 gb version of 1399 yuan, 6 + 64 gb version of 1599 yuan, very has the affinity, can yet be regarded as a good selection of recent upgrade.The 360 mobile phone jingdong “double denier orientation” activities have been launched, except N6 N6 Pro, N6 Lite and other new machine also has a lot of favourable activity, interested friends may wish to focus on.

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360 mobile phone N6 symmetric aesthetic design inherits the N series ever, and full screen design, full metal fuselage, keeping original full screen wide field of vision and visual wallop, new flint black version is more cool feeling and high level of appearance.As a carry large battery products, 360 mobile phone N6 main charge “three days”, 5000 mah battery standby experience can bring the ultra high strength.Not only super endurance, and at the same time it also supports the 9 v / 2 a qualcomm QC 3.0 quick charge technology, rechargeable power 40%, half an hour, 107 minutes to fill the phone completely.And it also supports reverse charge, can charge the battery as a treasure to other mobile phone recharge, especially suitable for smaller iPhone users to battery capacity filling electricity, can be temporary emergency.Currently on the market, to achieve this standard comprehensive range of mobile phone does not see more.360 mobile phone N6 also built a strong “core”, carrying the most popular in the high-end processors qualcomm Xiao dragon 630 mobile platform, thanks to the advanced technology of 14 nm process, the chip power consumption greatly reduced.N6 also adopted the advanced LPDDR4X memory operation, can achieve high-speed storage, run smoothly.

Learned, in N6 new flint black edition, N6, N6 Pro, N6 Lite evaluation bask in single win gifts activities have been launched, during the activities carried out in accordance with the rules of evaluation beans, bask in single can obtain a certain number of Beijing Beijing bean deductible use cash.In addition N6 series three models all purchases a gift gift bag game activities, involving the comprehensive gunfight “adapted by 2017” the eternal myth “and other mainstream popular game, is a good welfare for game players.

N6 Pro released on November 28, is this year 360 mobile phone’s new flagship model.360 mobile phone N6 Pro USES a 5.99 inch and full screen, screen up to 84.5% of the proportion, and with the design of the double glass with dual breakthroughs of vision and touch.Xiao dragon carrying 660 processor and 6 gb memory guarantee the machine strong performance, which is rarely seen in 4050 mah battery bring full screen for long life.16 million pixels rear dual cameras, cooperate with advanced algorithm, taking pictures along with abundant manifestations and exquisite details.Support mobile, unicom, telecom operators network 7 mould 22 full netcom, support double card double stay, and the main card.360 OS 3.0 based on the android 7.1.1 new development, for the user to present more close and practical style and function.360 mobile phone N6 Pro has polar night two optional color black and deep sea blue, price 1699 yuan.

One thousand yuan and N6 Lite as a positioning model, equipped with a 5.5 -inch FHD screen, it USES metal fuselage design, qualcomm Xiao dragon carrying 630 processors, and equipped with 4 gb of rare LPDDR4X speed memory prices, the whole machine hardware configuration is sincerity, 4020 mah battery with lower power consumption of the chip and the depth of the 360 OS 3.0 optimization, power N6 Lite also bring comprehensive experience “quick” can be very persistent.

At present, 360 mobile phone “double denier orientation” sales promotion activity was going on, not only have new color cool N6 listed, there are many new product evaluation bask in single win gifts and other activities, is favorable to watch is very, interested friends may wish to travel to jingdong 360 mobile phone official flagship store for more details.


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