MTK MT6595 complete specification of decryption


MediaTek the upcoming smartphone solution, MT6595 is the most anticipated product of recent, previously released little information from the first use of ARM Cortex-A17 and support for 4K screen, 4K video codecs and other information known, MT6595 will be MediaTek’s a real high-end mobile solutions, is a stepping stone to open the high-end market.

Recently a group of slides on the MT6595 has been exposed out, specifications and other information included in Xiangxi, to tell you the whole show a complete MT6595 LTE eight-core SOC.


Like and MT6592, MT6595 will launch three versions, except for MT6595 Standard Edition, as well as low version MT6595M with high version MT6595T (Turbo), three are four-A17 + four A7’s big.LITTLE architecture, the core number is 8 one, using 28nm HPM process. This article from MTK mobile phone network

Three versions due to the RF chip, baseband chip will be derived from a number of different versions, different needs of manufacturers to facilitate flexible development of different end products. Which MT6595 main frequency up 2.1-2.2GHz (A7 small core 1.7GHz), MT6595M clocked consistent with the MT6592 high as 2GHz (A7 small core 1.5GHz), the most high-end version of Turbo frequency up to 2.5GHz, deserved the strongest version, CPU main frequency encroaching Xiaolong 801 (MSM8974AC).


Remove the main frequency is inconsistent, there are other specifications of the three differences, I will not speak finale will be released subsequent versions MT6595T, Standard and low version, though they are PowerVR Series6 family G6200 GPU, but the standard version of the GPU frequency MT6595 up to 600MHz, supports 4K2K H.265/264 30fps hardware solutions and 4K2K 30fps H.265 video recording, support for 2K resolution display and a 20 million pixel camera, and MT6595M the GPU frequency has dropped, as 450MHz, supports H.265 / 264 4K2K level 1080P 60fps video playback and video recording, only on the FHD-level screen and 16 million pixel camera.

Other specifications of both the same, most people are concerned about local support dual channel LPDDR3 933MHz memory, increase memory data read and write speeds, in theory, would significantly enhance the performance, can be POP package (the package will increase the CPU and memory performance); Also supports up to be able to support TD-LTE/FDD-LTE/TD-SCDMA/WCDMA/GSM five main grid pattern, integrated multi-in-one wireless chip MT6630, support 802.11ac/abgn and Bluetooth, GPS and FM.


Some MT6595 features are also described, 4G areas can support CSFB and SGLTE two technologies (CSFB support mobile data with 4G, talk with 2G; SGLTE

2G/4G dual sim mobile phone while online implementation, call the Internet without interference), with MediaTek RF chip can achieve a maximum 30-band support; multimedia support ClearMotion part of the same frequency technology and MiraVision intelligent video technology, supports 24-bit 192kHz audio codec and MHL2.0 standards. This article from MTK mobile phone network

Specifications of high MT6595 MediaTek has ever reached the products, product performance with previous distanced expected MT6595 security branch Bunny ran over four extreme, beyond Xiaolong 800 family, another benefit MediaTek own the latest technology CorePilot applications, so that can take into account the size of the nuclear core of eight high-performance, while power consumption will also lead to better performance.

It is reported that production might MT6595 listed in the third quarter of this year, LG may be first to debut, a public domestic manufacturers should not lag behind.







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