MT6752 / MT6732 has been put in storage Meizu phone


Meizu MX4 hot reservation made meizu have to make a lot of important adjustment, increase the full supply capacity, popular sentimentmediatekCooperation with the meizu incipient result, however MX4 is just the beginning of both sides of the cooperation, according to the meizu jack the message before,Meizu this year and at least three new products to market, in addition to the legendary MX4 PRO, other new products will most likely there could still be usedMTK platformIn the model.

It seems this is the case, weibo has recently news about the meizu, new appearance, according to analysts, meizu will have two new opportunities to continue to use MTK chip, but also directly on the 64 – bit solutions.

MTK 64 LTE chips into the Treasury of China mobile

Mobile phone chip said recently, MTK for 64 timesMT6752andMT6732Two chips into the Treasury of China mobile, mediatek wireless communication division positive Zhu Shangzu and MTK, general manager of Beijing vice President confirmed the news,MTK6752andMTK6732Warehousing, also means that USES the two platform 64 mobile phone only one step away, mediatek 64 era is about to pull open the curtain.This article from MTK phone

MT6752 and MT6732 two product adopts ARM Cortex A53 architecture, integration of the multi-mode multi-frequency LTE modems, with eight nuclear/quad-core design, will continue with its former product characteristics of both performance and low power consumption.As an ARM MALI T7XX series, the flagship graphics processor, T760 joining will strengthen MT6752/32 multimedia performance, such as support H2.65 hard solution.

Meizu, new or used

In addition to 64 LTE SOC storage in the two great news, repeatedly exposed the meizu irreparably Steven pan, accidental “leak”, meizu early planning both platform products, there will be two new handsets using MTK6752 and MTK6732 respectively, 6752/6732 respectively for medium and low-end market, it seems the meizu really have one thousand yuan machine program, and that they have no choiceMT6592Or have other production chips, directly kill to 64 markets.

Meizu new another part is the part of the exposure is the screen, the two meizu product, respectively, will use a 5.5 inch and 5 inch screen, the rest of the specifications of the temporary a mystery, in accordance with the customs of meizu if not/star flagship product, other aspects should also won’t have too much compromise.

Unfortunately MX4 is booming nowadays, the shortage of capacity meizu busy for MX4 delivery, both the MTK 64 LTE solution can product on the market in years ago or two said.

From the point of the product line of mediatek, MT6752 and MT6732 in Q4 will be formally listed, mass production as the MTK 64 market pioneer, the slowest Q1 launched flagship product 64 next yearMT6795Finally, support in the CDMA network of the whole chipMT6735Will come out at the beginning of next year, the steps of MTK is still steady key!

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