Mr Luo: those who compromise even copied from the start, there will not be very good tomorrow

Mr Luo for jingdong, this is just a half years, hammer the third visit to jingdong.Because every time to open live jingdong, on behalf of the hammer products sell very well.This evening, jingdong and hammer held another live broadcast, the theme of “the birth of the two dark horse”, the two dark horse means just released on November 7 nuts Pro 2 where breathing air purifier.

Nuts series is poor market performance, the flagship T series hammer technology can get a break of the weight, the data show that so far the nut Pro generation full channel sales of more than 1 million units, for a start-up, especially the hammer, can is a reassuring results.

First of all, jingdong 3 c brigade vice President Chen ting, jingdong is introduced and a hammer and hammer the past achievements of cooperation:

Nuts Pro generation on jingdong 6, 18, has achieved 1500 ~ 2000 yuan price sales champion, 30 times the sales and sales year-on-year growth (and to achieve such a high jump in the past sales shows how hard).Double tenth day a good item, the hammer has achieved sales and sales of seventh grade, nuts Pro ii 2000 price best-selling models were obtained.

About double tenth the seventh grade, Mr Luo also specially added: jingdong’s double tenth is from 1 to 11, the total number of statistics this 10 days, according to the nut Pro ii is being released on November 7, “let them six days”.

Of course the result, also showed the hammer is the lack of product line, the present situation of the weak, and high-end machine.

Today’s live broadcast can also be special communication will hammer, hammer where breathing almost all were the main management.

This is a rare scene, Mr. Luo also teasing to: “because our team is very popular, so that the form was like a movie after the meeting, much like the entertainment circle, I love it.”

First is the “business and” link of practice: put science and technology media comment.Every time it is also a hammer technology conference indispensable link, Mr Luo is very useful, says he see these like drug use.

About the design

Design has always been a hammer, Mr Luo especially confident, industrial design of the hammer and human-computer interaction, Mr Luo also no modesty: “design you can skip this, say and don’t say is a bully.”

For these flip, Mr Luo said: “not revolutionary, lead is no suspense in the future.”

Hammer the ID of the industrial design, Mr Luo believed to be at the leading level in the world, especially the leader of the past(Which is not specifically, but we all know is apple)Under the condition of start “degenerate”;The human-computer interaction is the best in the world, no one.

Talk to the rear hammer hidden fingerprint identification, Mr. Luo said, this is not what.According to his statement, excellent industrial design is divided into two kinds: the first is a good team, can always make things beyond expectation;The second is everyone think of, but have no one to do so, the rear of the hammer and fingerprint identification is typical of the second, they also didn’t expect to become the industry’s first.

May be blown too far, Mr Luo quipped: “I a person can brag X, but a team can’t collective p. X, collective brag of X that faces is unreadable.”

About the evaluation of

Hammer technology has always been one of the most by public opinion on startup.Unlike some moderation of the company, the hammer has been like Mr Luo himself, people has always been a faithful love, and don’t like people never understand.

According to Mr Luo’s own words, he did a hammer the five years of science and technology, to learn and grow a lot, think a lot of progress.If it is the past of his character, the black hammer of the media, he might want to retaliate in the future, you stabbed me a knife, I stabbed you five knives.But now let him feel ashamed and moved, nuts Pro 2 after release, whom he viewed as “enemy” of the media, almost all of the objective evaluation is given.It taught him that in the product without flaw and big points, do well enough, people would say to be fair.And those hardcore hammer is black, if not kua, choose the way is not said, but “silent have greater power”, says Mr Luo proud and grateful.

Hammer because Mr Luo personal tag is overweight, has been in the forefront of public opinion.The nuts Pro 2, posted online the most sound is “a hammer to become”?Perhaps is the sound reason gave Mr Luo shame and moved.

About the purifier

First of all, is a fundamental problem: why the hammer do air purifier?

Mr Luo summed up in two points: to make money and layout.The mobile phone market is a blood bath, new vendor is hard to earn money, Mr Luo himself said: “have to do is to make friends, mobile phone and selling shell membrane, by the way.”The purifier market has not so many players, is opportunity for new manufacturer.

And serious, to layout.Mr Luo also mentioned, now is a new air consumption upgrade, the rise of the era, and only in this era as the biggest platform, have a chance in the next era when get admission qualification.Intelligence to do very much, and hammer technology think in the new wave of intelligent home appliances plays an important role.

About product planning, Mr Luo said will also continue to expand product lines, intelligent speakers will launch next spring, and net field empty, hammer also says it will launch a new fan, continue to expand the product line.

Talk about this, Mr Luo began to laugh don’t boast of trademark:

“I understand why people don’t think I can do it well, because it is widely believed that people, especially good at expression things don’t usually do.So when such eloquence and good, I do things and nice people, they often can not adapt to, think it against their anticipation of life common sense.”

Well, what do you think is right.

The last

Mr Luo is still a perceptual person, talk about the product, it will do to hammer the past experiences summarized, also drink a mouthful of full-bodied soup all entrepreneurs:All entrepreneurs don’t be afraid to make a fool of yourself, don’t be afraid to do difficult moves.Those out of the ugly still insist on, is the backbone of changing the world.The compromise even copied from the start, there won’t be too good tomorrow.

In the end, when it comes to mood, Mr Luo and some feelings, but he has repeatedly stressed: “I don’t have a SOB.”

The hammer technology of 2016 is the year of “recovered”, from the once on the verge of bankruptcy, to now back on track.With nuts Pro accomplishments, hammer technology and Mr Luo can slightly to catch my breath.But we all know, only nuts and purifier is not enough, the hammer at the beginning of the birth of science and technology, is a high-end mobile phone manufacturer was determined to do, maybe next year T series, the flagship is the hammer technology really big test.


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