moto green pomelo social journey to open video

【Mobile phoneChina market 】 today, live and live has become a new form of entertainment, especially graduated into the society soon or still young people in the campus, for such a new form of entertainment, it’s love, chase.In recent years, in order to trill, Chinese prickly ash, etc. The emergence of a large number of video social app, but also enrich the spare time of young people.In such a new era, for the choice of mobile phone, nature also will have preference, such as for video social scene, camera and screen, of course, is the essential elements of the moto launched this yearMoto green pomeloIs such a good social scene is tailor-made for video.

Moto green pomelo

motoGreen pomelo

Now that is a flagship “social” videoA smart phoneOf course, moto green pomelo has its own defence!Adopt 1600 w megapixel camera, before and after the autodyne is built-in skin care functions at the same time, also joined the 20 kinds of filter effect is optional.In addition, PDAF phase focus, HDR and the professional camera model, further enhance the overall experience of photographs, video shooting.In addition to the hardware configuration of the ascension, moto green pomelo automatic identification function also provides a scene, the camera can automatically track face to focus, at the same time based on face to adjust the exposure value, thus realize the color correction, automatic exposure, and so on.

Moto green pomelo

Moto green pomelo

In addition,lenovoLayer strategic cooperation with Chinese prickly ash camera products, Chinese prickly ash camera, is a continuous innovation in the field of AR special camera, hold strong AI technology and new play continuously creative, the user can quickly generate interesting photos and video, the moto G series mobile phones will Chinese prickly ash camera advanced artificial intelligence facial recognition technology used in cameras, for the user in the process of taking pictures add meng yan, exaggerated face such as a series of interesting interactive experience.Let young users have more abundant video social new experiences.


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