Mobile Phone Ranking: the New King in Chian has been Born


When it comes to OPPO, the stereotype of it is that the phone is good at advertising and using star spokesperson. At the same time, the channel sinks in the third and fourth tier cities, so that more people can buy it easily. However, the product has no advantage, just high price and low match.

According to Trustdata mobile big data detection platform during the first half of statistical data, Huawei was ranked fourth and Apple was pushed to second place, while the first was OPPO, which is often criticized, accounting for 19.5%. In other words, one in every five Chinese people who is using OPPO!

In fact, OPPO’s recent strong performance is due to the continuous success of R series and A series. The R9 is already very popular, and R11 continues hot sell. In addition to the mid- high end R series, A series is also in constant development, letting Redmi series feel stressful!

Of course, except for the mature product line, sky bombing + ground push is also a wonderful strategy. You can see OPPO advertisements and star spokesperson on TV and Internet every day, and when you want to buy it, there are a lot of physical stores offline. How can such a brand not succeed?


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