Mobile phone body looks good, why only xiaomi in use

There are many types of cell phone body, plastic, glass, ceramics, ceramic is indeed the best handset material in the current feel, the highest force, the highest cost, the least capacity of choice. But why are few businesses using ceramic body it, the use of more than only millet phone it?

手机陶瓷机身好看,为何只有小米在用Mobile phone body looks good, why only millet in use

Before the ceramic backs, there is a plus done, but the high yield low cost, plus one plus the brand awareness is not high, so we almost do not know, and then heard the courage to play for a few years before, and even more A few people know. So the first ceramic back cover is not millet, of course, the ceramic body is indeed the first application of millet to the phone, this does not seem to say that only insisted millet use it.

February 24, 2016 Xiaomi announces at the press conference: Xiaomi uses the 3D ceramic back cover on the exclusive version of Xiaomi 5. This is the first attempt of millet ceramic material, the millet, the Internet company, the product cost-pricing principle, to do 3D ceramic back cover is not to make money, but in order to force a higher, from the choice of materials up high millet Products forced.

手机陶瓷机身好看,为何只有小米在用Mobile phone body looks good, why only millet in use

It is estimated that this is the millet in order to enhance their product image to make the choice, in the millet 5 years before the millet series stopped at the millet 4 and millet Note, missed the flagship product metal and fingerprinting popular elements, so hold for a full year After millet 5 and fingerprint identification and 3D ceramic back cover one-time release, the purpose is to be more bullish than the metal back cover it.

Unfortunately, due to capacity problems, millet 5 exclusive version of the ceramic did not get its reputation and attention so high sales performance, which has become the millet series of products for the first time because of the selection of materials and pit black history. As for the back of the millet MIX that should be considered the first use of ceramic body Xiaomi, rather than insist on the results, perhaps because Lei Jun himself is the answer, millet MIX is a money and more forbidden products, the launch is not to make money, so Positioning is the concept of machine, has never considered how many millions of units to occupy the market occupation, up to a play ticket products.

手机陶瓷机身好看,为何只有小米在用Mobile phone body looks good, why only millet in use

Second, the biggest drawback ceramic is the current process difficulty and yield problems, the millet 5 if not because of Qualcomm 820 processor out of stock and 3D ceramic cover the yield is too low, it is estimated to sell millions of units more. In particular, the metal back cover has given consumers aesthetic fatigue, the ceramic back cover does allow too much consumer flocking, the so-called consumer upgrade is not simply to increase product prices, but to give consumers a better product material and experience .


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