Mobile and Computer Become One? Razer Phone’s Ultimate Goal is to Become a Computer


Razer recently plans to turn Android smartphones into laptop. And this is the Razer project, Linda, which is still a conceptual design.

With a 13.3-inch QHD touch screen, the laptop, carrying with Razer phone, has the same 120Hz refresh rate as the phone, with a 200GB storage space and a 53.6Wh battery. Compared to the traditional laptop, this product is more like an extension of the Razer phone’s function. After connecting the fuselage’s USB-C interface, this computer can be used.

This laptop has a 3.5 mm audio interface, USB interface, and a Tpye – C charging mouth. It can be used like a normal laptop after connect with Razer phone and mobile phone screen can also be used as a touch pad, or like Touch Bar shows the content. The computer keyboard is also like other laptop with Razer Chroma LED backlight. Is it cool?


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