Microsoft’s Edge for iPad Comes Out in February


Microsoft Edge browser launched on iOS and Android platform last year. Since then, the company has launched an updated version of the two platforms regularly, primarily to make its applications a more powerful alternative to Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Edge had greatly improved on mobile phones in the past few months. And the application in many countries of the Apple and Google official stores are available for download. That is to say, Microsoft Edge of Android and iOS browser has come into effect in most English and French app stores, as well as in Germany, Austria, Portugal and Brazil.

Sean Lynder, the product manager of Edge Microsoft, says in tweets,  the version of ipad will be launched next month. The browser of the version is in internal test and will be provided to TestFlight user testing  early next month. After getting their feedback, it will be provided to the average user.

At the same time, Android users simply use this link download the APK files, then can try to use the Edge browser, regardless of which country they live in. iPhone users can find Edge on the App Store, if their location is officially supported by Microsoft.


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