Microsoft is the foldable mobile phone exposure ! The flexible screen seamless connection

many new techniques to do just that , once the black technology already became a daily . ” However , as the mobile industry ‘ s development , has become the main screen of interactive media , increasingly large screen occupying most of the front space of the mobile phone , this also makes the phone ‘ s design is very difficult to play . In this case , homogeneity becomes increasingly serious .


While they run out of options , full screen concept that came before . More big screen offers better visual perception and impact . But everybody is mounted with a full screen after the discovery , the homogenization becomes serious . So many manufacturers have begun to develop a new online revealed Microsoft A folding mobile phone patent . We can see that , Microsoft patent should be adopted in which the screen is of flexible design , with almost no gap between the screens , are quite stunning .


Microsoft folding mobile phone

By Pat picture we can see that , Microsoft ‘ s mobile phone adopts a similar fold of gear structure , the screen should be a whole . It has a more thin USB – C module , and the similar Surface Link of the ribbon cable , the surface is a curved glass , for the purpose of adapting the folding edge after the deformation . the screen must be flexible OLED display screen , and what – – this is the legendary Surface Phone ?


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