MI MAX3 Specification Exposure? 6.99 Full Screen +5500mAh Battery


There are many rumors of Xiaomi recently. Following upcoming news of MIX2s, configurations of the so-called MI MAX3 are exposed on the Internet. It has a 6.99-inch FHD full screen, carrying Snapdragon 635 processor, and a 12MPcamera and the highest 128 GB storage. The battery capacity is 5500 mAh. It is likely to debut in May this year.

Partial exposure

Although a lot of people are looking forward to the arrival of MI 7, but the recent scandals are Redmi Note 5, MIX2s and other phone messages. Even net users suggest that MAX3 were in the test. Now, a weibo blogger has revealed the configuration of a mysterious new machine and let people guess the model. Based on the 6.99-inch FHD full screen design and the battery capacity of 5,500 mAh, net users guess it is supposed to be the legendary MI MAX3. If it is true, that is not as great as the rumor. It carries with Snapdragon 635 processor, with 3GB/4GB of LPDDR4 memory and 64GB/128GB of storage capacity. It is equipped with a 5MP camera and a 12 MP camera.

Maybe dual camera design

At the time of the end of last year, net users released engineering machine of so-called MIMAX3 on a second-hand trading platform. It is said the engineering machine carries with Snapdragon 660 processor and adopts the design of dual camera, running MIUI 9 system, but without headphone jack. Due to the internal flow of engineering machine, it can’t flash optionally.

Therefore, combining with the current industry trends and configuration of MI MAX2, MI MAX3 should not keep the past camera specification. It is more likely to use dual camera design like engineering machine. But the size won’t have too much change.

Release in May

In addition, because the MI MAX2 is with 4GB of memory, MI MAX3 won’t downgrade using 3GB of memory, so this disclosure is not true. The message should be the new machine is being tested. Perhaps photos and other information will be revealed gradually in the near future.

Of course, there is no reliable information yet. Considering the release time of MAX2 last year, the upgrading product is expected to launch in May. MI MAX3 should carry with Snapdragon 660 like the engineering machine.


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